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Hot tubs and spas were made for relaxation but having to maintain them can make them less enjoyable. You can count on the team at Deep Blue for hot tub maintenance and spa maintenance services in Salt Lake City, UT. We all want to enjoy a soak in a hot tub after a long day at work. The stress and tension can melt away while the water soothes your aches and relaxes your sore muscles. While that may sound like a great way to end the day, owning a hot tub or spa comes with great responsibility. Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure your spa stays in usable condition without water quality issues or water leaks. Our team offers a comprehensive pool and spa maintenance services customized to your needs. Learn more and get in touch with us for your free estimate.

Why You Need Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your hot tub is an essential part of owning one. Proper hot tub repair & maintenance can prevent bacteria which could result in health issues for spa users. We know that most homeowners don’t have the time to maintain their hot tubs, which is why our team offers hot tub water maintenance services. You can trust our team to keep your investment in top shape so you can make the most of it. We use top-notch chemicals and products to ensure high-quality spa maintenance and repair. We work with your schedule, in addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, even if you are not home. Soaking in your hot tub can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar, help you destress and sleep better at night, minimize arthritis aches and pains, and more. A hot tub maintenance schedule can ensure you enjoy these benefits for years to come. We offer affordable hot tub maintenance service to help you enjoy your spa without the nuisance of caring for it.

What Does Hot Tub Maintenance Consist Of?

We use a comprehensive hot tub maintenance checklist to provide the spa water maintenance services you can count on. We give you peace of mind knowing all components of your hot tub and thoroughly inspected for safe and efficient operation. Learn what’s included in our hot tub maintenance services:

Hot Tub Maintenance in Salt Lake City

  • Sanitizer – A hot tub can make your home a desirable hangout spot and increase property value. However, the more people that hang out in your hot tub result in more germs being introduced to it. Without regular maintenance, your hot tub will collect germs which can potentially be unhealthy. Our professionals can sanitize your hot tub, allowing you, your family, and your friends to enjoy it safely.
  • Chemical Balance – Hot tub maintenance has some similarities to swimming pool maintenance. Checking the chemical levels regularly is necessary to ensure your hot tub stays in good working condition. Our team will keep an eye on your spa’s pH levels and alkalinity, so you don’t have to worry about a calcium imbalance in your hot tub.
  • Temperature – Your hot tub needs to stay hot to help you enjoy it, and temperature fluctuations could indicate potential problems. It’s not much fun to lounge around in a cool or lukewarm hot tub, and a frozen hot tub renders it entirely out of commission. Frozen water can cause the tubes and appliances to crack, requiring them to be repaired or replaced. Our team of professionals offers consistent hot tub maintenance to keep the water hot and prevent it from freezing over.
  • And More – Our team performs thorough visual inspections, vacuums debris from the hot tub, tops off the water, cleans and rotates the filters, drains and fills the hot tub, cleans and conditions the cover as needed, tests filters, and ensures automation is functioning correctly.

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

While you can count on our experienced team of hot tub specialists for routine maintenance services, there are a few things you can do on your own to ensure your spa stays in tip-top shape. Here are some tips for maintaining your hot tub in between our professional visits:

  • Testing – Test your hot tub two to four times a week to ensure chemical balance. Your pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6. Check the bromine, chlorine, calcium hardness, and alkalinity levels as well.
  • Cleaning – Your hot tub’s filter is typically located near the skimmer basket but may also be under the hot tub. Change your filter every ten to 15 cleanings and replace it every year or two.
  • Airing Out – Remove your hot tub cover at least twice a week so it can air out. Clean the cover by removing dirt, oil, pollen, and more.
  • Sanitizing – Keep your hot tub clean and sanitary by fully draining it every three to four months and cleaning all the surfaces. This service can be performed by our experienced team.
  • Refilling – Don’t let your hot tub’s water level get too high because it could overflow. Allowing the water level to get too low can cause pump damage. Top off the water level when necessary.

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