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Get Your Pool Ready for Winter with Deep Blue

No one wants summer to end, but when the leaves start to fall, your pool will need to be properly prepared. If you do not close your pool, winter weather could damage it and leave you without a personal oasis come summer. At Deep Blue Pools & Spas, we offer professional pool closing service to get your pool ready to withstand Salt Lake City’s chilly winters.

Pool Closing Service in Salt Lake City, UT

When Is it Time to Close Your Pool?

There’s no set time to close your pool every year, as weather conditions change annually. However, it is generally a good idea to close your pool once the temperatures have started to drop below freezing at night. If the temperatures are not consistent, use trees as another indicator: Once leaves are falling, they could clog your filters and cause a host of other problems. You can also use water temperature as an indicator. Once the water hits 55 degrees, it’s time to contact us for pool closing service.

What is The Best Way to Close a Pool?

Pool closing procedures include various tasks, such as cleaning, testing the water, removing accessories that need to be stored for the winter season, and lowering the water level. The best way to close your pool is to contact a professional pool service. While it may seem more cost-effective to close your pool yourself, there are certain parts of pool closing that only professionals can handle. Plus, any mistakes could lead to damage that keeps you from being able to use your pool when summer comes back around.

What Happens If I Don’t Close My Pool for the Winter?

An improperly winterized pool can lead to significant damage and expenses when it gets hot again. If the pool’s water level isn’t properly reduced, winter precipitation can cause it to overflow and flood your yard.  Plus, without a correctly installed winter cover, leaves, twigs, and other debris can accumulate in the pool over winter. This not only makes spring cleaning harder, but also contaminates the water and surfaces.

Meanwhile, when Utah winter temperatures dip below freezing, expanding ice can put pressure on your pool walls and cause vinyl liners to peel off.

Closing a Pool for the Winter

When closing a pool for the winter, we follow a proven methodology that takes care of all your pool needs and ensures your pool won’t degrade during the winter. During your professional pool closing, we will:

  • Balance the Water Chemistry: We begin by adjusting the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels to their appropriate range. This ensures the water remains clean throughout the winter and prevents staining and corrosion.
  • Clean Your Pool: Our team thoroughly cleans your pool, removing any leaves, dirt, and debris. We also brush and vacuum the pool to ensure it is sparkling clean before it’s covered for the winter.
  • Lower the Water Level: We lower the water level to an appropriate height to accommodate precipitation and to prevent freezing water from expanding too much.
  • Winterize Pool Equipment: We then drain all water from the pool equipment including the pump, filter, and heater to prevent freezing and cracking.
  • Install Pool Cover: Finally, we install a winter pool cover to keep debris out and protect your pool from Salt Lake City’s winter weather.

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