Professional Pool Resurfacing in Salt Lake City, UT

Update Your Swimming Pool with Deep Blue Pool and Spas

If you’ve had your swimming pool for very long, chances are you’ve experienced some form of deterioration. Deep Blue Pool and Spas offers professional pool resurfacing services for homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT. Swimming pool resurfacing is the answer if your pool has staining, flaking, decay, cracking, or other blemishes. As a significant investment, your swimming pool requires upkeep over the years. Resurfacing your pool is a job that should be left to our trained experts. We have the pool resurfacing process down to a science and are proud to be the best swimming pool resurfacing contractor in Utah. Learn more about the signs you need pool resurfacing, common types of pool finishes, our pool resurfacing process, and some pool resurfacing FAQs. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

Pool Resurfacing in Salt Lake City, UT

Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

It’s critical to know when your swimming pool might need to be resurfaced. Common signs that your pool requires resurfacing include a rough texture, leaks, or stains that are growing or difficult to remove. Some SLC homeowners prefer to have their pools resurfaced for aesthetic reasons, while others do so because of wear and tear. Some more easy-to-spot signs that you need pool resurfacing include flaking or peeling plastic, structural cracks, or plaster discoloration. We would be happy to inspect your pool to determine whether resurfacing is appropriate.

Common Types of Pool Finishes

Determining if you should have your swimming pool resurfaced starts with understanding what type of pool surface you have at your home. There are three main types of swimming pools: in-ground concrete pools, fiberglass drop-in pools, and vinyl liner swimming pools. Cementitious pool finishes can be broken down into the subcategories white plaster or colored plaster, white quartz or colored quarts, exposed pebble aggregate, polished, and more. You may also have an all-tile pool, painted pool over pool plaster, fiberglass gel coating over existing pool plastic, thermal plastic coatings, or other types of pool finishes. Our team can help you determine what type of pool finish you have. Salt Lake City homeowners are likely to have a plaster, aggregate, or tile pool finish.

Our Pool Resurfacing Process

Deep Blue Pool and Spas has resurfaced many swimming pools over the years, and our process has been proven effective. Don’t hesitate to contact us about the cost of pool resurfacing because we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Check out the steps included in our pool resurfacing process:

  • Draining your pool
  • Prepping for pool resurfacing
  • Tile and masonry are installed
  • Plumbing and sealing
  • Finitizing installation
  • Cleaning up and refilling the pool
  • Water treatment and surface curing

FAQ About Pool Resurfacing

Our customers often have questions about our professional pool resurfacing services. We’ve prepared the answers to the questions we most frequently receive. Browse through them, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

What is pool resurfacing?

Sometimes referred to as pool refinishing, pool resurfacing is a process that involves removing and then replacing the top layer of your swimming pool’s surface. The process of pool resurfacing will solve the problem of cracks or leaks.

How often should I resurface my pool?

The answer to how often your pool should be resurfaced depends on multiple factors. Your pool finish can be prolonged by caring for your pool correctly and maintaining proper pool water chemistry. If your contractor used quality materials and proper installation techniques, you can expect your pool to need resurfacing every five to 15 years for white plaster or polished pool finishes, every ten or more years for white quartz, and every 15 or more years for exposed pebble.

How long does a pool resurfacing job take?

Every pool resurfacing job is different. However, you can expect your pool resurfacing project to take about five to seven days. Bad weather can slow down the job, but our team will keep you updated along the way so you know when we’ll be finished.

Choose Deep Blue for Your Pool Resurfacing

Now that you know more about pool resurfacing, you need to find a trusted swimming pool company in the SLC area. Deep Blue Pool and Spas is here to help you get the pool of your dreams. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so be sure to check out our online portfolio. Our team performs swimming pool maintenance, installation, and more. Our local pool company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was voted Best in Show for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free estimate for service. Contact us today to get started.

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