Swimming Pool Painting Contractors in Salt Lake City, UT

20+ Years of Experience

Painting your inground, lap, infinity, or gunite pool is a systematic process that professionals should handle. At Deep Blue Pools and Spas, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field, and each member is certified in swimming pool building. We currently hold an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and were voted Best in Show for the Salt Lake Valley Parade of Homes in 2012. Our dedication and enthusiasm for our field is reflected in our work, and even the routine maintenance we offer is sure to highlight why we are a top service provider.

Swimming Pool Painting Contractors in Salt Lake City, UT

The Swimming Pool Painting Process

There is a systematic process to professionally painting your pool, and each step is followed carefully to ensure you have the highest quality and longevity of your pool paint. Deep Blue Pools and Spas takes the time to assess the type of material your pool is made of, how recently it was built, and the texture of the walls to make the best choices for your pool painting. Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Carefully considering the material your pool is made from (newer concrete, bare plaster, fiberglass, or older concrete).
  • If applicable, assessing the type of previous paint used for your lap, infinity, or inground pool.
  • Applying primer to ensure the longevity of our paint job.
  • Draining your pool.
  • Preparation of the paint through scrubbing, etching the surface of your pool, and checking the forecast to make sure weather will not affect the painting process.
  • Taping up the tile, mixing the paint, and painting over the primer.
  • Letting it dry and checking for any debris that may fall in or affect the quality of your paint.

Types of Swimming Pool Painting

  • Enamel Pool Painting: Presenting as glossy topcoats, enamel paints are favored for pool painting. They are known for their durability and aesthetic addition to your pool.
  • Epoxy Pool Paint Coatings: This option may be your best if you have a fiberglass pool. Epoxy works best for unpainted swimming pools. It lasts 6-8 years and provides a smooth finish to your pool walls.
  • Acrylic Pool Painting: Budget-friendly, easy to apply, and with great adhering qualities, acrylic paints are a popular choice for painting your pool walls. It dries quickly, can be applied on damp surfaces, and works for concrete or plaster pools.

Why Should I Paint My Swimming Pool?

  • Preservation: Leaks are prominent in swimming pools, and paint primer and paint can add an extra layer of protection to your pool. Chlorine-resistant paint is preferable, as it is a second barrier to prevent leaking or cracking.
  • Fewer Bacteria: Chlorinating your pool water regularly is essential for dispelling unwanted bacteria in the water, and paint assists in keeping the chlorine at optimal levels.
  • Keep Your Friends and Family Safe: A no-slip paint on your pool is essential to keeping your friends and family safe.
  • Aesthetic: Adding beauty to your pool is a fun part of the process. Not only can paint make your pool look amazing, but it can also highlight the beauty of surrounding areas.

Swimming Pool Painting FAQs

  • How much does pool painting cost? – Usually, the price range for pool painting ranges from $780-$930. Your final price depends on the size of the pool, paint choice, and various other factors.
  • How do I prepare my pool surface for painting? – The surface preparation consists of cleaning and drying your pool surface to make a perfect surface to paint over. Without this crucial step, the primer and paint may not adhere properly and could damage the pool. At Deep Blue Pools and Spas, we take care of pool preparation for you.
  • Can I paint over the existing paint on my swimming pool? – Absolutely! There are many options for painting over your previous color, and our team will work with you to find the best option.
  • Can I paint my diving board as well? Yes! Deck Kote, a popular brand of pool paint, can be applied to concrete, fiberglass, and wood, making it a versatile option for painting your diving board.

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Painting swimming pools is a process that involves care and dedication. Deep Blue Pools and Spas believes in excellence, quality, and professionalism. Each team member is a certified swimming pool builder with knowledge and skills in each step of the installation process. Our work starts with a free estimate, and we will work with you to decide on the type of pool painting that best fits your needs. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate with Deep Blue Pools and Spas.

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