Pool Safety and Basics Tips

Understand the Basics of Owning a Pool

As the owner of a pool, it’s important to know some basic mechanical and safety tips. We compiled the important basic information you need to know. Understanding how your pool should work and what to look for can help you properly maintain your pool.

Basic Maintenance Tips:

  • Circulation and filtration systems are the key to keeping your pool free from algae and bacteria.
  • Routine filter checks and daily circulation can help prevent algae and bacteria from growing.
  • If you notice your pool’s water isn’t as clean as usual, it might be time to have it cleaned.

Safety Notes:

  • Make sure adequate supervision is available during pool use to help prevent accidents
  • Know the proper procedures to follow in the event that an accident does occur
  • Follow owner’s manual instructions and precautions when dealing with chemicals

By following these tips and suggestions you can prevent costly repairs or serious injuries. Owning a pool can seem like a big responsibility, and we are here to help you understand the important information you need to know.

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