Pool Liner Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

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Vinyl pool liners are one of the most popular types of home swimming pools in Utah. It’s easy to understand why – they are attractive, low-maintenance, durable, and comfortable. Over time, however, they become at risk of wear and tear. At Deep Blue Pool and Spas, our pool contractor has decades of experience in pool liner replacement and pool liner repair in Salt Lake City, UT. We recommend you call us sooner rather than later if you notice signs of damage or leaks in your vinyl pool liner. We work with inground and above-ground pools and offer quality workmanship and materials. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate.

Pool Liner Repair in Salt Lake City, UT

Common Issues With Pool Liners

Your vinyl pool liner will last longer with proper care and maintenance. One of the biggest causes of damage to vinyl pool liners is either avoiding pool maintenance or performing maintenance and pool repairs poorly. The most common issues we see with vinyl liners are:

  • Lowered life expectancy – If your pool liner is self-installed or poorly installed, there is a greater chance of a shorter lifespan. Damage from pool chemicals can also affect the pool liner’s condition and life expectancy. If you don’t regularly clean out your pool, the liner can become damaged by twigs, branches, and animals. Allowing glass, sharp objects, or other dangerous objects in the pool can also cause rips, tears, and punctures.
  • Wrinkles and slippage – Wrinkles and slippage occur when too much water is in the soil surrounding the pool. This lifts the floor of the pool and can inflate the liner. When the water goes back down, the liner is wrinkled or has slipped.
  • Discoloration – As your pool ages, the area near the water line will become discolored. This could be due to improper chemical balance, UV exposure, or microorganism activity.
  • Slippery surface – The vinyl liner may grow algae or mildew without proper cleaning and maintenance. This makes it slippery and less safe to use.

Signs You Need Pool Liner Replacement

It’s important to call our pool contractor as soon as you notice warning signs of damage to your vinyl liner. If we catch the issue early enough, we can recommend pool liner repair. For larger issues, you will need pool liner replacement. Here are the signs you need repair or replacement:

  • Cracks and rips – Rips and cracks in your vinyl liner will cause water damage to your pool walls, floors, and decking. It also wastes water and increases the cost of repairs. UV rays, pool chemicals, poor maintenance, improper pool toys, and playing rough can all damage the liner.
  • Fading, discoloration, and staining – UV rays and pool chemicals can also cause the liner to fade or become stained or discolored. Fading also causes the vinyl to become more brittle and sensitive, making it more prone to rips and tears.
  • Wrinkles and stretching – Over time, the vinyl liner will lose its elasticity and become wrinkled. It may pull away from the pool coping or track at the top of the pool. You must install a replacement lining if it is too stretched or wrinkled for repair.
  • Water leaks – You should be proactive about checking for water leaks. Monitor the water level of your pool and pay attention to how often you have to fill it. Look for signs of leaks inside and outside the pool.

Benefits of Quickly Repairing or Replacing Pool Liners

If you ignore issues with your vinyl pool liner, they will only get bigger and more expensive over time. A minor tear that could be easily patched will become a huge rip that requires your entire liner to be replaced. The greater the damage becomes, the more likely it will affect other elements of your pool. The vinyl liner is the primary waterproofing method for your pool. If it leaks or is significantly damaged, the water can escape and can cause water damage between the liner and the pool’s walls. When exposed to galvanized steel pool walls, chlorinated water causes rust and corrosion. Water can also enter the ground and erode the soil around your pool. Eventually, this will weaken the concrete floor of your pool and cause it to become sandy and cracked. Escaping water can also damage your pool deck and cause sinking or cracking concrete. Overall, you will save time and money by repairing minor problems immediately and scheduling pool remodeling services when the damage is too major.

Request an Estimate for Pool Liner Replacement

If you have noticed signs of damage to your vinyl pool liner, call us today or contact us online for liner repair or pool liner replacement in Salt Lake City, UT. Our pool contractor will do an onsite assessment of the condition and age of your inground or above-ground pool liner. We can then recommend liner repair or replacement and give you a free estimate. Our pool repair services restore your pool’s beauty, safety, value, and comfort so you’ll love using it again.

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