Troubleshooting Common Pool Problems

Resolving Common Pool Problems

If you own an in-ground swimming pool, you will probably encounter a large number of water and surface problems. While there are pool maintenance and repair professionals in Salt Lake City who can handle all your pool issues, some water and surface problems you can handle yourself. Here’s a look at some of the most common pool problems and how to go about restoring your in-ground swimming pool. If you can’t get your pool in shape, bring in a professional pool contractor or pool maintenance company.

Whether it’s green, black, or mustard-colored, algae can make your pool look unpleasant and uninviting. Low sanitizer, improper water balance, and poor water circulation are often to blame for algae growth. Brush away algae, test the water’s chemical balance, and add algaecide as needed.

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Cloudy Water
Although hazy or murky water is not dangerous, cloudy pool water can certainly make your pool less inviting. Cloudy water is typically the result of poor filtration and circulation. Poor water balance may also explain your cloudy water, so test the levels and add chemicals as needed. If that doesn’t work, contact your Salt Lake City

pool company to inspect the pump and filter.

Scale Buildup
Scale is another unsightly problem that can affect in-ground swimming pools. If you notice a grayish or tan buildup on the surface that is difficult to brush away, you are looking at scale buildup. Scale is almost always attributed to improper water balance, specifically high total alkalinity and/or calcium hardness.

Surface Stains
You may also commonly encounter black, green, turquoise, or brown spots on the bottom of your pool that do not brush up. These can be metal stains, tannic acid, or even fungus and mold beneath the pool liner. If shocking the pool doesn’t help, you may need to bring in a professional pool maintenance and repair company to drain the pool and thoroughly scrub the surface.