• What to Consider When Choosing the Right Depth for Your Pool

    During a swimming pool installation, you will need to consider both the function and style of your new pool. Your pool contractor will work closely with you to help you create a new swimming pool that meets your needs for recreation and relaxation. When you are gearing up for a swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City , you will need to work with your swimming pool company to find a pool depth that is right for your lifestyle and needs. Let’s review some essential factors to consider when you are choosing the right depth for your new pool. Swimming pool installation in Salt Lake City, UT

    Think About Your Lifestyle

    As you are choosing a depth for your swimming pool, you will need to take your lifestyle and preferred hobbies into consideration. If you plan on only using your pool to swim laps, you may want to build a shallow pool that is a standard four or five feet in depth. When you intend on using your pool for diving or other types of recreation, you may need to create an end that is up to six feet in depth.

    Consider the Safety of Your Family

    Safety is of the utmost importance when you are planning a new pool installation. If you are raising young children, a very deep pool may pose a safety threat to young swimmers. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the shallow end of the pool is a safe depth for the shortest members of your family. A person should be able to safely stand in at least one part of the pool area.

    Evaluate Your Pool Maintenance Requirements

    A very deep pool may ultimately prove to be more difficult to maintain than a shallower swimming space. When you make your pool deep enough for diving, you will increase the surface area of the tile or pool liner. Other accessories that come with a deep pool, such as diving boards, will also require additional maintenance.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Hot Tub Installation

    A new hot tub will provide you and your family members with the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. If you are preparing for a hot tub installation near Salt Lake City, make sure to hire a qualified pool contractor to assist you with your project. From choosing the site for your hot tub to connecting the electrical wiring, your contractor will provide you with many essential services. Here is a step-by-step guide to what you can expect from the hot tub installation process.

    Hot Tub Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

    Find the Best Site

    The first step of a hot tub installation is to find a site that is appropriate for your new unit. Depending on the building codes in your city, you may need to place your hot tub at a certain distance away from the exterior of your home. Along with considering building code, you will also need to find an area that will allow you to conveniently access your hot tub.

    Schedule the Delivery

    After you have chosen the appropriate site for your hot tub and picked out a hot tub model that includes all of your favorite features, you will be ready to schedule a delivery with your contractor. In order to safely deliver your hot tub, your contractor will need to be able to safely reach the installation area. You may need to temporarily trim back trees or remove fence panels in order to successfully accomplish the delivery.

    Connect the Electrical Wiring

    During the final phase of your installation, your contractor will need to connect your hot tub to your home’s electrical grid. Your hot tub will require electricity to power its jets, lights, and other features. Since wiring a hot tub requires specialized knowledge and tools, you will typically want to leave this step up to your licensed hot tub installation contractor. Once the wiring is in place, you will be ready to start enjoying your new spa.

  • Why Outdoor Fire Pits Are Hot with Homeowners

    You’ve got your new pool installation to enjoy, but it feels like you could use something else to give your space a real “wow” factor. In this case, an outdoor fire pit near Salt Lake City might be the perfect addition to fill in the space and create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. Homeowners all over the country are adding outdoor fire pits to their properties, thanks to the numerous advantages that they bring. They’re aesthetic, they’re practical, and they’re affordable if you work with the right team. Read ahead to find out exactly why outdoor fire pits are hot with homeowners.

    It’s nice to be able to hang out in your backyard with your friends, family, and neighbors, but when the sun goes down, you might end up turning in. If you want to keep the socialization going, an outdoor fire pit may be a great option for you. This kind of addition will keep you warm, give you something to gather around, and improve the atmosphere at the same time. Furthermore, an outdoor fire pit can make your home more valuable, reduce your energy bills, and keep the smell of smoke out of your house.

    Outdoor Fire Pit by Deep Blue Pools and Spas

  • Keeping Your Fiberglass Pool in Top Condition

    Fiberglass pools near Salt Lake City bring quite a bit to the table, but it’s up to you to make sure they last for as long as they can. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning, invest in a pool cover to keep it protected during the offseason, and call a pool contractor for regular maintenance and repairs. All it takes to make the most of your pool is a little bit of maintenance, foresight, and planning, so continue reading for tips.

    Fiberglass Pools Installation & Service in Salt Lake City

    Clean with the Right Products

    As simple as swimming pool maintenance can be, doing it without any research can make the whole process much more complicated. You need to clean your pool regularly, but you also need to make sure you’re using the right cleaners. You might think that harsh cleaners do a better job, but they can have a negative impact on your fiberglass pool. The wrong kind of cleaner might damage your fiberglass and scratch the walls of your pool, requiring costly repairs that could have been avoided. Use gentler cleaners for swimming pool maintenance, and remember to skim leaves and debris from your water on a routine basis.

    Use a Pool Cover

    Although there are some regions where you can keep your pool open all year long, the rest of the world deals with different circumstances. When the last pool day of the year is in the rearview mirror, close your pool up with a cover. Pool covers keep things like bugs, leaves, and bird droppings out of your water and off your pool walls. If you cover up your pool at the end of the season, you’ll have less maintenance to deal with when you open it up again.

    Hire Pool Maintenance Professionals

    Many homeowners diligently care for their pools throughout the year, but they might still run into questions. When you work with a team of swimming pool maintenance professionals, you can have all those questions answered immediately. They’ll also take care of the process for you, so you won’t even have to lift a finger if you don’t want to.

  • The Essentials of Planning Your Custom Pool

    A new swimming pool installation will allow you to have fun in the sun as outdoor temperatures start to heat up. Before you being a swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City, however, it will be necessary to carefully plan out your project. From purchasing pool covers to designing just the right water feature, there are many factors to consider when you create a custom pool. If you are gathering ideas for your swimming pool design, take a look at these essential tips for planning a custom pool.
    Custom Pool Installation in Salt Lake City, UT
    Create a Budget

    Custom pools come in all shapes and sizes, and each type of pool and pool feature comes with its own price tag. Before you start the custom pool planning process, you will need to decide on a budget that meets your financial goals for your project. Even if you have a more limited budget for your pool design, you will still be able to create a stunning pool that will provide you with many years of enjoyment and relaxation.

    Evaluate Your Yard

    An outdoor pool needs to fit seamlessly into your existing yard and landscape design. While you will be able to landscape around the shape of your pool, you will still need to make sure that the dimensions of your pool are suited to the shape and layout of your property. If you are seeking a more natural look for your pool design, you may also want to include hardscaping features, such as a rock waterfall or natural stone pool deck surface.

    Hire an Experienced Pool Contractor

    During the pool design process, you will want to gain ideas and inspiration from an experienced pool builder. Before you start to draw up the initial designs for your custom pool, it is a good idea to have already hired your swimming pool contractor. Your pool contractor can provide you with ideas for your design, and he can also help you determine what is feasible with your budget and landscaping considerations.

  • Common Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

    When you take a dip in your pool this spring, the last thing that you will want to see is cloudy water filling up your pool. Luckily, with a few routine pool maintenance procedures, you will be able to keep your pool water clean and clear at all times. A pool contractor that offers swimming pool maintenance near Salt Lake City will be there to answer any questions that you may have about how to keep your pool water clear. To help you determine what types of cleaning supplies you will need to purchase from your swimming pool company, let’s review some common causes of cloudy pool water.

    Environmental Factors Common Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

    Your outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by items and materials that can cause cloudiness in the water. Some examples of substances that can cloud up your pool water include tree pollen, construction debris, and even unusual weather patterns. If you determine that your pool water cloudiness is being caused by environmental factors, you may need to purchase a swimming pool cover to protect your water from contamination.

    Broken Pool Filter

    Your pool filter’s job is to remove algae, leaves, and other types of debris from the water in your pool. In the event that your pool filter breaks down, you may find that your pool water starts to look foggy or clouded. A pool maintenance technician will have the tools and knowledge needed to fix your broken pool filter and remove any clogs that might be jamming up its internal systems.

    Excessive Pool Chemicals

    While pool chemicals are necessary to keep your water clean, clear, and sanitary, using too many chemicals in your pool could result in cloudy water. If your water is too acidic, too alkaline, or filled with too much calcium, it might start to have a milky or cloudy appearance. To avoid problems related to swimming pool chemistry, you can use a pool chemical testing kit to achieve the right balance. If using a testing kit does not help you clear up your cloudiness issue, you might be in need of professional maintenance services.

  • Tips for Keeping Your Spa in Great Condition

    Your spa or hot tub installation deserves the best treatment and maintenance, because you deserve to use your spa whenever you want. Keeping your spa in great condition guarantees that you can enjoy it year-round. Using the correct products and working with a qualified swimming pool company to keep it maintained are some easy tips that will keep your spa in great condition. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for spa and pool maintenance near Salt Lake City. Spa maintenance near Salt Lake City

    Tip #1: Use Spa-Approved Chemicals

    Whether you choose to maintain your spa’s chemicals and cleaning yourself or with the help of your pool contractor, always use chemicals designated for spas. Do not use household chemicals to clean the tiles or areas around the spa. These products could have a negative interaction with the water-sanitizing chemicals. Refrain from using your pool’s chemicals as well. Unless specifically stated, these products have not been approved for the extreme heat or building materials that are unique to your spa installation.

    Tip #2: Winterize to Avoid Freezing

    If you keep your spa or hot tub on year-round, then it is crucial it not freeze during the winter. To keep it from freezing, maintain the temperature and water flow throughout the cold months. If you do not plan on using it, or you will be gone for an extended amount of time, then contact your pool contractor for winterizing procedures. These will likely include draining the spa and plumbing lines completely, as well as disconnecting the jet pumps and other equipment or hoses. Keep these items in a secure and dry location to avoid degradation during the winter months.

    Tip #3: Work with Spa Contractors

    When in doubt, always trust your spa and pool contractor. These professionals have been trained in the correct chemicals and methods of cleaning and maintaining your spa. They can either advise you on the proper procedures and products; or they can offer you a fair maintenance plan to keep your spa in great condition year-round.

  • Sculpt Your Legs Using Pool Exercises

    You know that swimming is fun and a great cardio exercise. However, you might not know that you can use pool exercises to target and tone certain muscles—even in small pools. After you’ve scheduled a swimming pool installation in Salt Lake City, you can start learning different exercises to help you get in shape. This video clip shows you how to perform exercises that target your legs.

    Jumping jacks, scissor kicks, and crisscross jumps are all great options for toning your legs. The water in the swimming pool will offer resistance as you kick, helping to increase the effectiveness of these exercises. Don’t forget to schedule regular pool maintenance after your pool installation is complete to ensure that you’re always ready for a pool workout.

  • Exploring the Health Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

    If you are considering hot tub installation this winter, you’ll be happy to learn that hot tubs are not only fun—they also offer several health benefits. The great feeling you get from soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long day has powerful health factors behind it. Continue reading to learn more about how soaking in a hot tub can benefit your health, and then you’ll be all set to call your pool contractor to schedule hot tub installation in Salt Lake City . Hot tub installation in Salt Lake City

    Stress Management

    Stress and anxiety not only make you feel uncomfortable, but can actually have a lasting effect on your health and wellbeing. Many people find that they are able to relax their minds, along with their bodies, when soaking in the warm water of a hot tub. By helping to manage stress, using a hot tub can help you handle everyday worries and tackle major projects with a fresh mind.

    Muscle Relaxation

    Muscle tension and soreness can lead to acute and chronic pain, along with decreased mobility. The hot water and jets of a hot tub are perfect for relieving muscle tension. This can be especially useful for individuals with chronic health problems that lead to muscle tension and for athletes who want to relax their muscles at the end of hard workouts.

    Circulation Boost

    Soaking in a hot tub raises the body’s temperature slightly, which causes the blood vessels to dilate and circulation to increase. This boost in circulation can help to deliver extra nutrients and oxygen to the extremities, promoting healing and pain reduction in these areas. If you suffer from arthritis, this can also help to promote flexibility and mobility in your joints, along with reduced pain. The increased circulation will leave you feeling invigorated and renewed after each soak in your hot tub.

  • Fire Features for Your Backyard

    If your backyard has a swimming pool, there are a few additional features you can add to make the area even more enjoyable. Outdoor fire features are the most popular addition to most families’ pool areas. If you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit in Salt Lake City , read on to learn more about them.

    Outdoor fireplaces are a lovely focal point of any backyard. They are placed on the outside edge of a patio, providing ample room for landscaping and outdoor furniture. They can be used for fun barbeques in the summer, and a cozy source of heat in the winter. If you provide seating and a table near the outdoor fireplace, it will become a central gathering spot for family and guests.

    Outdoor fire pits are typically located in the center of an outdoor patio. They can be custom designed and built to the owner’s specifications, and can use wood, natural gas, or propane as ignition. Seating can be provided around the exterior of a fire pit, and the pit can be covered in the warmer months if it will be unused. Some covers even allow the fire pit to double as a table.

    Outdoor Fire Pit In Salt Lake City