• Getting Started on a Pool Installation

    Pool Installations Steps by Deep Blue Pools and Spas If you’re considering a swimming pool installation near Salt Lake City , you have a lot of factors to consider. You can work closely with your pool contractor to determine whether you want a large or small pool, an outdoor or indoor swimming pool, and what water features and patio features you want. Here are some tips for getting started on your new pool installation.

    Create a Pool Installation Budget

    The first step in the pool installation process is creating an appropriate budget for your swimming pool services. You will have to consider the cost of the pool contractors and designers, the pool installation, any specialized water features that you want your pool to have, and your future pool maintenance. Developing a budget will make it easier for you to make the initial key decisions that your pool contractor will require of you. For instance, a small pool will cost less to build, install, and maintain than a large pool and hot tub installation.

    Evaluate the Size, Shape, and Landscaping of Your Yard

    Your swimming pool installation should fit seamlessly into your existing backyard design. You shouldn’t design a large, complex in-ground pool if you don’t have the space to support it. Instead, evaluate the size and shape of your yard, and consider your current landscaping. Talk to your pool contractor about the best size and type of swimming pool for your needs. It’s easy to get in over your head when beginning a swimming pool installation process and end up significantly reducing the size of the usable space in your backyard.

    Consider Different Pool Types and Features

    Once you decide on the size of your swimming pool installation, you can determine what type of swimming pool you want. Your swimming pool contractor can discuss the benefits of above ground and in-ground pools, fiberglass pools, vinyl pools, and concrete pools. You can also decide if you want water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, or pool slides. Finally, you can decide if you want patio features, like an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fire pit, or outdoor fireplace.

  • Fun Swimming Pool Facts

    Next time you are lounging the pool area with your friends, it can be fun to impress them with pool and water feature trivia; if you memorize them well, you might even be able to impress your pool contractor in Salt Lake City . From the many health benefits that swimming offers to historical facts and statistics, there is plenty to know about swimming pools. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to pick up a few fun swimming pool facts that you can share with your friends and family.

    Did you know that if you know how to swim, you are in the minority? More than half of people living in the United States do not possess this skill. This is unfortunate because swimming in a pool can serve as great exercise, working out your entire body and helping your lungs and heart grow stronger. Those who swim competitively will typically train for several hours every day, resulting in up to twelve miles’ worth of training in each session. If you stick to your training and strive to make it to the Olympics, you might swim in a pool that holds as much as 850,000 gallons of water. Fun Swimming Pool Facts at Deep Blue Pools and Spas

  • How to Decide on a Swimming Pool Design

    The decision to look into a new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City can be exciting, but there are also many factors to consider when deciding on a design. Many homeowners start by looking online or to their neighbors for inspiration. It also helps to step into your yard and visualize your dream lap pool. If you’re having trouble thinking of a design on your own, don’t hesitate to talk to a swimming pool company for help. Read on for an overview of how to decide on a swimming pool design. Deciding Swimming Pool Design

    Search for Inspiration

    When it comes to choosing a swimming pool design, it can be difficult to start from scratch. This is why many homeowners start by looking for inspiration . You can search the Internet for different types of pool designs and even learn about the pros and cons of each option. You should also take note of any swimming pools that have caught your attention in the past. Consider talking to your friends and family members about their pools so you can find out what they have come to like or dislike about their designs. A new pool installation is a significant undertaking, so make sure you do your research and find a design you love.

    Take a Look at Your Yard

    Once you have some idea of what you would like your pool to look like, take a look at your space. You can only go as big as your property will allow, and certain pool designs may be better suited for your yard. Think about the features that are currently present in your yard and how they might affect your pool. It helps to make a visual outline of your ideal pool design using a flexible garden hose.

    Work with the Pros

    No matter how much research you have done, the professionals will know a bit more about pool design. You don’t necessarily have to have a concrete idea before talking to swimming pool builders, and they can typically help you if you are unsure about what type of design will work best for you.

  • The Importance of Balancing Your Pool Water

    If you want to keep your swimming pool in top shape, you will need to keep up with pool maintenance near Salt Lake City. This involves skimming debris from your pool, maintaining your filter, and balancing the chemicals in your water. Watch this video clip for a brief look at the importance of balancing your pool water.

    A swimming pool offers a refreshing escape from the heat, but a pool that is lacking in maintenance might not be so refreshing after all. A swimming pool with balanced chemicals, on the other hand, will feel more comfortable and offer greater cosmetic appeal than one that has been neglected. Your swimming pool specialist can take a look at elements like the pH level of your water, the hardness of your calcium, and the total alkalinity of the system. If you want to keep your pool comfortable and attractive, keep your water balanced.