• Tips for Keeping Your Spa in Great Condition

    Your spa or hot tub installation deserves the best treatment and maintenance, because you deserve to use your spa whenever you want. Keeping your spa in great condition guarantees that you can enjoy it year-round. Using the correct products and working with a qualified swimming pool company to keep it maintained are some easy tips that will keep your spa in great condition. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for spa and pool maintenance near Salt Lake City. Spa maintenance near Salt Lake City

    Tip #1: Use Spa-Approved Chemicals

    Whether you choose to maintain your spa’s chemicals and cleaning yourself or with the help of your pool contractor, always use chemicals designated for spas. Do not use household chemicals to clean the tiles or areas around the spa. These products could have a negative interaction with the water-sanitizing chemicals. Refrain from using your pool’s chemicals as well. Unless specifically stated, these products have not been approved for the extreme heat or building materials that are unique to your spa installation.

    Tip #2: Winterize to Avoid Freezing

    If you keep your spa or hot tub on year-round, then it is crucial it not freeze during the winter. To keep it from freezing, maintain the temperature and water flow throughout the cold months. If you do not plan on using it, or you will be gone for an extended amount of time, then contact your pool contractor for winterizing procedures. These will likely include draining the spa and plumbing lines completely, as well as disconnecting the jet pumps and other equipment or hoses. Keep these items in a secure and dry location to avoid degradation during the winter months.

    Tip #3: Work with Spa Contractors

    When in doubt, always trust your spa and pool contractor. These professionals have been trained in the correct chemicals and methods of cleaning and maintaining your spa. They can either advise you on the proper procedures and products; or they can offer you a fair maintenance plan to keep your spa in great condition year-round.

  • Maintaining Your Pool in the Off Season

    During the off-season, it is crucial to maintain your pool, whether you are using it during the winter months or not. Even if you use your pool heater or have an indoor swimming pool near Salt Lake City, the tips found in the attached video will prove helpful. Continue reading to learn more about maintaining your pool during the off-season.

    Consult with your pool contractor to ensure you are caring for your pool correctly. Your contractor can help you drain your pool or hot tub if you choose. If you go this route, ensure there is no water in your filters, hoses, or any connections, because these can freeze and break during cold weather. If you keep your pool filled, then clean debris regularly, and ensure your pool covers do not become weighed down with snow, rain, or debris.

  • Keeping Kids Safe Around Your Hot Tub

    Just as you should remain vigilant to kids being around your pool, you should enforce the same rules around a hot tub installation near Salt Lake City . Safety rules around swimming pools and hot tubs are necessary to keep all kids and swimmers safe while still having fun. Let’s take a closer look at which rules should be enforced around your pool and hot tub installations.

    To keep your kids, pets, and other people safe around your pool and hot tub, install a security fence around the area. Most cities require some sort of fence or border around hot tubs and pools. These can prevent young children from wandering into a hot tub unsupervised. You can also install various monitors—such as a fence monitor or a water motion sensor—which will inform you every time someone goes in or out of the hot tub. If you have a pool slide, usually complete with a ladder, make sure your kids and their friends are big enough to climb it safely and will not fall off. These are some simple ways to keep kids safe around your pool and hot tub.

    Pool and Tub Safety Tips for Kids by Deep Blue Pool and Spas

  • Enhance Your Landscaping with These Water Features

    Whether you have a swimming pool installation in place or not, there is always room for additional water features in your Salt Lake City landscape. Water features can range from simple ponds to elaborate water walls. You can complement many of these water features with colorful lights, inventive mosaic designs, or natural vegetation. If you have been looking for ways to enhance your overall landscape, then continue reading for a better look at some popular water features. water - features


    Ponds come in many shapes and sizes and with various features. You may choose a koi pond, filled with colorful and friendly fish. You can also build a garden pond filled with reeds, lily pads, and other aquatic vegetation. One or more ponds can be located throughout your front and backyard landscaping to complement a lush garden theme.


    There are countless materials to make a fountain, including large urns, pipes, a statue, or a rock sculpture. Fountains can be added to your pond, pool, or as its own water feature. Since there are so many variations, consult your landscaping and pool contractor on the right choice for your landscape design.

    Water Walls

    Water walls and waterfalls are common features for pool installations. You can install a water wall to pour into a beautiful pond or to lead into a babbling brook bordering your property. A water wall can be enhanced with mosaic tiling that features a common or original design of your choosing.


    Spillways are similar to waterfalls. However, a spillway is technically water that flows out of a dam through different sections. You may have several spillways that flow into your swimming pool or pond from another large swimming pool or pond.


    Instead of a pond, you can choose a cascading or flowing river to surround your landscape. Rivers can be filled with aquatic vegetation, waterfalls, fountains, and other popular water features.