• Picking a Water Feature for Your Landscape

    When you are creating a new landscape design for your property, you may want to talk to a pool contractor in Salt Lake City about the possibility of including a gorgeous water feature in your yard. Water features can be used to accent a special area of your landscape design, and they can also help to highlight a new swimming pool installation. With professional design services from a company that offers swimming pool maintenance and installation, you can create the water feature of your dreams.

    There are many different types of water features that you can seamlessly integrate into your landscape. A waterfall or trickling stream will provide your landscape design with natural elegance and appeal. If you are seeking a show-stopping element for your property, you may also want to consider installing a dramatic fountain. An outdoor pond can help to create a sense of serenity and calm in your backyard space.

    Water Feature for Your Landscape in Salt Lake City

  • Troubleshooting Problems with Your Swimming Pool

    If you can’t wait to dive into your backyard swimming pool for the first time this summer, the last thing that you will want to discover is that your pool is having unexpected maintenance problems. A pool contractor who offers swimming pool maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you get to the bottom of what is causing problems in your outdoor or indoor swimming pool. Here are some tips that will help you troubleshoot problems with your swimming pool.

    Algae Growth Troubleshooting Swimming Pool Problems in Salt Lake City

    Algae growth can be a common problem when you open up your pool for the first time during the summer season. To pinpoint the cause of your algae growth, you can look at its color and typical growth pattern. Green algae is typically caused by an improper balance of chemicals in your pool water. If your algae growth is black or yellowish in color, the problem may be the result of a bad circulation flow in your pool pump.

    Water Discoloration

    Along with algae growth, there are a few other common causes of water discoloration in your swimming pool. If your pool water looks milky or cloudy, your pool may be experiencing a buildup of copper or other types of minerals. Typically, water discoloration can be cleared up by fixing or replacing the pool filter and by correcting the chemical balance in your pool water.

    Surface Damage

    Along with looking for signs of problems in your swimming pool water, you should check the surface of your pool for signs of damage. Surface damage can appear as etches, cracks, or wrinkles in your swimming pool tile or liner. When chemicals have been added incorrectly, the surface of your swimming pool materials may become bleached or otherwise discolored. In order to correct damage to the surface of your swimming pool, you will typically need to consult with your swimming pool contractor to schedule professional maintenance procedures.

  • Hot Tub Maintenance 101: Three Factors to Consider

    A hot tub in your backyard will provide you with a wonderful space to wind down and relax after a long day. When you schedule a hot tub installation for your home in Salt Lake City, it is important to remember that hot tubs and small pools require the same level of maintenance as large, inground pools. The pool contractor who performed your hot tub installation will be able to help you maintain your unit throughout the years and seasons. Let’s look at three maintenance factors that every hot tub owner needs to keep in mind.

    Professional Hot Tub Maintenance in Salt Lake City


    One of the most important factors that you will need to consider when you are maintaining your hot tub is how you will sanitize your water. In order for your hot tub to remain fresh and sanitary, it will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you do not have time to deeply sanitize your hot tub every month, you can hire a hot tub contractor to perform this service on your behalf.

    Chemical Balancing

    Achieving the right balance of chemicals in your hot tub water will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience every time you take a dip. If you currently own a swimming pool, you will be familiar with the process of testing and adjusting your water. A hot tub maintenance company can provide you with testing kits that will allow you to easily achieve the right balance of chemicals in your hot tub.

    Temperature Control

    The water in a hot tub is designed to remain at a consistently high temperature. If you allow your hot tub to cool down between uses, you may find that your unit starts to experience maintenance issues. In the wintertime, unheated water can even freeze over and crack. To keep your water at the correct temperature for your hot tub, you can use the dials or controls that are located on its side.

  • Pool Safety Advice and Supervision for Kids

    As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your children are properly supervised whenever they use your backyard pool. In this video, you will learn some essential pool safety tips for kids and their parents. To ensure that there is a designated adult supervisor, you can make a badge that is easy to identify. A pool contractor in Salt Lake City can help you construct a pool safety fence to add additional security to your pool space.

    From pool slides to pool covers, your pool contractor will be able to provide you with all of the features and equipment that you need to create a fun and safe environment around your pool. If you are dreaming of hosting a pool party in your backyard this summer, now is a terrific time to schedule a consultation for your swimming pool installation.