• Keeping Pests Out of Your Pool

    For many people, it’s tough to beat relaxing in the pool on a summer day. When pests decide to take over your pool, however, it can be hard to relax. Regular pool maintenance near Salt Lake City keeps your water clean, healthy, and refreshing, but how do you keep bugs out? Make sure you use a pool cover during the offseason so you don’t create a breeding ground for pest problems, do away with places pests can hide, and think about putting up a fence around your in-ground pool. Read ahead for details on these helpful tips. Pool Bug Prevention in Salt Lake City, UT

    Use a Pool Cover

    When you close your pool up for the season, you might forget about it altogether until the warm weather rolls around again. If you want to make sure that pests don’t make themselves at home in your pool, it’s a good idea to close it up with a cover. Pool covers will seal out insects, rodents, and other pests that might otherwise set up habitats and start families in or around your pool. A cover can help, but you need to find one that fits your pool and install it properly.

    Get Rid of Hiding Spots

    Pool covers can be helpful, but they’re typically only used during the offseason. When there’s still plenty of time before you close yours up for the year, you’ll need to take additional steps to keep pests away. When you’re going through your swimming pool maintenance routine, make sure to keep an eye out for places where pests might be hiding. Bushes and growth around your pool can serve as habitats for pests and make it easy for them to spread into your pool, so get rid of these potential hiding spots.

    Install a Fence

    Pool fences can help keep children and pets safe, and they can also keep pests away from your swimming pool. Look for a fencing style that will do an adequate job of keeping small critters away—wood and vinyl fences may be ideal materials for a job like this. Choose a fence that doesn’t leave any room to sneak by.

  • Exploring Your Options for Swimming Pool Shapes

    When it comes down to choosing a shape for your new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City , you can use a couple of key factors to make the right decision. Think about the size of your yard and how much of it you’d like to dedicate to your in-ground pool. You should also decide if you’d like your pool to be the same depth throughout, or if you would like a deep end and a shallow end. Then consider how you plan on using your pool, and decide what shape makes the most sense. Keep reading and explore your options for swimming pool shapes.

    L-Shaped Exploring Pool Shape Options in Salt Lake City, UT

    Some homeowners look at swimming pool installations as a reasonable first investment after purchasing a house and starting a family. If you’re looking for something that your kids can enjoy during any stage of development, consider the benefits of an L-shaped pool. This layout typically features a distinct shallow end and deep end. This is helpful because it eliminates confusion and makes it clear where the water will be deeper, which is nice for kids who are still learning how to swim.


    Much like an L-shaped swimming pool installation, a rectangular pool can include a shallow end and a deep end. This shape lends itself to a more seamless transition, however, where the floor gradually dips deeper as you move across the pool. If an L-shaped pool doesn’t make sense given the layout of your backyard, you might be able to accomplish the same goals with a rectangular design. This is a common and versatile design option for new swimming pool installations, and it can be great for everything from swimming laps to playing games with the family.


    If you have a yard that is shaped somewhat awkwardly, you might need a truly custom pool to meet your needs. Freeform pools can take on just about any shape you desire, making them able to fit into any environment necessary. If you want a completely unique swimming pool installation, you might want to talk to your pool professionals about a freeform design.

  • Advice for Dealing with Algae in Your Pool

    Algae might build up over time, but regular pool maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you keep it under control . Whether you have a big or small pool, or an indoor or outdoor pool, you should be sure to keep your water free of algae. Watch this video for advice for dealing with algae in your pool.

    You want clean water in your pool, so you should take care of an algae problem when you notice it. Start by knocking the algae off your ladder, steps, and walls and into the water with a brush. Then, when you shock your pool, you’ll have a better chance of taking care of the algae. Test the water and balance your levels as needed, and then consider how green your pool is. The amount of algae and the size of your pool will tell you how much you need to shock.

  • Reasons to Call a Professional Pool Service

    While a new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City can make a huge impact on your space, some people forget to consider the maintenance it takes to keep an in-ground pool up and running. If you don’t think you’ll be able to adequately maintain your pool, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. If you work with professionals, you can expect to enjoy your pool as frequently as you would like during the warmer months. Continue and learn about some of the reasons you should call a professional pool service.

    If you’re unsure of whether you’ll be able to maintain your pool on your own, it helps to work with the experts. Your swimming pool professionals will make sure your chemicals are balanced, troubleshoot your filter, and help keep your pool nice and clean. What’s even better is that the specialists can offer more than just maintenance. They can also diagnose problems with your pool, your equipment, and your water. Whether your water is cloudy, your pump is making abnormal sounds, or dirt is building up on your liner, call your professional pool service to take care of the problem.

    Professional Pool Servicing in Salt Lake City, UT