• How Long Does It Take to Build an In-Ground Pool?

    When you hire a pool contractor in Salt Lake City, he or she can give you a rough estimate of the time it’ll take before you can take a dip in your new pool . The length of time depends on the type and size of in-ground pool you’re having built. In general, most concrete pools can be installed in four to six weeks. Vinyl swimming pool installation takes about two to five weeks.
    In-Ground Pool Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

    The length of time you’ll need to wait depends on a number of factors, including how long it takes to get the right permits from your municipality. Some local government agencies take longer than others to issue them, and the pool contractor can’t start until a permit is issued. The excavation may take just a day or two, or up to a week if there are utility lines in the area. Then, it may take one to two weeks to lay the steel, and install systems like plumbing and electrical. After this, the actual pool can be installed in one to three weeks, depending on the type of pool you’ve chosen. After this point, all that remains to be done are your preferred finishing touches, like the deck installation, landscaping, custom lighting, as well as any additional features like waterfalls.

  • Using Pool Test Strips

    Your indoor swimming pool near Salt Lake City relies on a delicate balance of chemicals that will keep the water clean, healthy, and comfortable for swimming. Once you’ve finished up the pool installation process, you’ll need to be able to tell how balanced the chemicals in your water are. Watch this video for some tips on using pool test strips.

    Part of swimming pool maintenance is testing the chemical levels to make sure they’re in balance. You can do this using pool test strips. Your test strip will have a couple of readers for different chemicals, and you can match them up against the chart on the back of the container to see if they are in the safe range. Dip your entire test strip under the water for a couple of seconds, compare it to the chart, and then adjust your levels accordingly to enjoy a safe, healthy, and clean pool.

  • Exploring Your Options for Swimming Pool Shapes

    When it comes down to choosing a shape for your new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City , you can use a couple of key factors to make the right decision. Think about the size of your yard and how much of it you’d like to dedicate to your in-ground pool. You should also decide if you’d like your pool to be the same depth throughout, or if you would like a deep end and a shallow end. Then consider how you plan on using your pool, and decide what shape makes the most sense. Keep reading and explore your options for swimming pool shapes.

    L-Shaped Exploring Pool Shape Options in Salt Lake City, UT

    Some homeowners look at swimming pool installations as a reasonable first investment after purchasing a house and starting a family. If you’re looking for something that your kids can enjoy during any stage of development, consider the benefits of an L-shaped pool. This layout typically features a distinct shallow end and deep end. This is helpful because it eliminates confusion and makes it clear where the water will be deeper, which is nice for kids who are still learning how to swim.


    Much like an L-shaped swimming pool installation, a rectangular pool can include a shallow end and a deep end. This shape lends itself to a more seamless transition, however, where the floor gradually dips deeper as you move across the pool. If an L-shaped pool doesn’t make sense given the layout of your backyard, you might be able to accomplish the same goals with a rectangular design. This is a common and versatile design option for new swimming pool installations, and it can be great for everything from swimming laps to playing games with the family.


    If you have a yard that is shaped somewhat awkwardly, you might need a truly custom pool to meet your needs. Freeform pools can take on just about any shape you desire, making them able to fit into any environment necessary. If you want a completely unique swimming pool installation, you might want to talk to your pool professionals about a freeform design.

  • Pool Safety Advice and Supervision for Kids

    As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your children are properly supervised whenever they use your backyard pool. In this video, you will learn some essential pool safety tips for kids and their parents. To ensure that there is a designated adult supervisor, you can make a badge that is easy to identify. A pool contractor in Salt Lake City can help you construct a pool safety fence to add additional security to your pool space.

    From pool slides to pool covers, your pool contractor will be able to provide you with all of the features and equipment that you need to create a fun and safe environment around your pool. If you are dreaming of hosting a pool party in your backyard this summer, now is a terrific time to schedule a consultation for your swimming pool installation.

  • Deciding When to Open Your Pool for the Season

    As the days get longer and outdoor temperatures to start to warm up, you and your family members may be getting ready to open your backyard pool for the season. An essential step of proper pool maintenance is to close up your pool during the cold months of winter. Once spring arrives, you can switch on your pool heater, pull off your pool cover, and start enjoying your pool once again. A contractor that offers pool maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you get your pool ready for the peak summer swimming season. Let’s take a look at some factors that can help you decide when it is time to open up your pool. community - pool

    Consider Changes in Temperature

    Keeping your pool closed up after outdoor temperatures have increased significantly could lead to a maintenance problem with your pool water. Warm air can raise the temperature of your pool water, which will create the perfect breeding ground for algae. To avoid opening up your pool to find a mess of green slime, you will want to open your pool as soon as it starts to get warm outside.

    Review the Local Weather Forecasts

    During April and early May, you may be deciding between opening up your pool on a sunny day while weather averages are still low or waiting until the weather is consistently warm and sunny. To decide when you should open your pool for the season, you may want to review the weather forecasts for your local area. If sunshine and warm weather are in your weather report for the coming week, it may be the perfect opportunity to open up your pool.

    Look at Your Social Calendar

    Before your first big get-together during the spring or summer season, you may want to get your pool open and ready for your guests. By opening up your pool for an event with your family and friends, you can treat your loved ones to a day of poolside fun. If you have an upcoming party planned at your house, now is the time to start thinking about opening your pool.

  • When to Cover Your Pool or Spa

    Pool covers are designed to protect pools when they are not actively in use. After you complete your swimming pool installation near Salt Lake City, your pool contractor may recommend that you purchase and use a cover for your new pool. By getting in the habit of covering your pool when you are not using it, you can prevent the need for extensive swimming pool services or repairs in the future.

    There are a few instances when you will definitely want to cover your swimming pool. Your pool cover should be used during the winter season if you decide to not drain your pool. By covering up your pool over the winter months, you can prevent damage to your swimming pool filter and heater. Your pool cover will also keep leaves and debris out of your pool area. If you are a parent of young children, you should also cover up your pool to prevent your kids from accidentally falling into the pool if they are unattended.

    Pool Cover Requirement in Salt Lake City, UT

  • A Quick Guide for New Pool Owners

    A new swimming pool installation is exciting for any family. When you hire a pool contractor in Salt Lake City to install a brand new pool for your home, it is a great idea to get to know the various features and components of your new pool. By educating yourself about the basics of swimming pool maintenance, you can make sure that your pool remains in terrific condition for all of your swimming and recreational needs. To help you talk to your swimming pool builders, here is a look at what every new pool owner needs to know about their pool. Guide for New Pool Owners by Deep Blue Pools and Spas

    Understanding Circulation

    Circulation is a key function for any swimming pool. If you neglect to keep your swimming pool’s circulation system in good working order, you may start to find that your water becomes green and filled with uninviting algae. The pool pump and filter are responsible for circulating water throughout your pool system. At regular intervals, you will need to clean out the pool filter to keep it in peak operating condition.

    Learning About Cleaning

    As the owner of a residential swimming pool, it is your job to make sure that you practice proper pool hygiene. All pools need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. In order to clean your pool, you can use a pool vacuum, skimmer, or brush system. To reduce the time that it takes to clean their pools, some pool owners choose to clean their pool water using automated vacuum systems.

    Finding the Right Chemistry

    Your pool’s chemistry will keep bacteria and other unwanted pathogens out of your pool water. If you have a conventional, rather than a saltwater pool, you will need to make sure that your pool chemistry is properly balanced at all times. A pool water testing kit can provide you with the information that you need to achieve the right mixture of pool chemicals. Adding too many chemicals could make your pool water unpleasant for swimming and recreation.

  • Maintaining Your Pool in the Off Season

    During the off-season, it is crucial to maintain your pool, whether you are using it during the winter months or not. Even if you use your pool heater or have an indoor swimming pool near Salt Lake City, the tips found in the attached video will prove helpful. Continue reading to learn more about maintaining your pool during the off-season.

    Consult with your pool contractor to ensure you are caring for your pool correctly. Your contractor can help you drain your pool or hot tub if you choose. If you go this route, ensure there is no water in your filters, hoses, or any connections, because these can freeze and break during cold weather. If you keep your pool filled, then clean debris regularly, and ensure your pool covers do not become weighed down with snow, rain, or debris.

  • Answering Your Questions About Inground Pool Installation

    When you buy a new house for yourself and your family, you might start thinking about swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City. A new pool can bring all kinds of advantages to your backyard, and it can set the stage for an outdoor fireplace and kitchen as well. Before you can begin the swimming pool installation process, you’ll need to choose your favorite design. It also helps to understand how the actual installation process works, even though it’s best to have your professional swimming pool company complete the process. Continue on for answers to your questions about inground pool installation.
    Questions on Inground Pool Installation in Salt Lake City

    What kinds of designs can I choose from?

    Planning always comes first, and such is the case when it comes to an inground pool installation. In order to choose the best design for your needs, it helps to consider certain factors. Look at the space you have in your yard, the budget you have to work with, and how you would like the pool installation to aesthetically improve your yard. Today’s pools come in all shapes and sizes, although some are more popular than others. You can choose a long, narrow pool that’s perfect for swimming laps, or an L-shaped pool with a distinct shallow end for the kids. You can even add fun pool features like fountains and lighting.

    How does installation work?

    While the specific swimming pool installation process depends on the design you choose, most of the steps tend to fall in the same order. You will always need to excavate before an inground pool installation so that the wall panels can be placed. After spraying or pouring the basin, an area will be designated for your pool deck. Finally, the liner and decking will be constructed.

    Can I do it myself?

    An inground pool installation seems like a relatively straightforward procedure, but there is a tremendous amount of effort and precision involved. For these reasons you should always work with a professional pool contractor when seeking a new installation. This will leave you with professional results and a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing new pool.

  • Exploring the Benefits of Having a Pool Heater

    If you’re thinking about adding a swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City to your property, you might want to consider adding a pool heater. Your pool contractor can help you choose the right heater for your needs, making it easy to make the most of your investment without requiring too much pool maintenance. A heated pool can even make your home more appealing to potential buyers, and it can give you a way to spend more time with your family. Read on and explore the benefits of having a pool heater.

    Get the Most Out of Your Pool Benefits of Having a Pool Heater in Salt Lake City
    For people who are particularly sensitive to temperature, a swimming pool installation can become a purely aesthetic investment if the water is not set to the perfect temperature. A pool heater allows you to make the most of your pool installation by giving you control over how the water feels. This can make the pool more inviting, so you can get more use out of your pool. A pool heater will also let you keep your pool open for a longer period of time, which in turn helps you make the most of your investment.

    Increase Your Property Value

    A swimming pool installation in itself can help increase the value of your property, but a pool heater can give it a little extra push. If you plan on selling your house in the future, a heater for your swimming pool may be a wise investment. This can make the sale more appealing to those who come in and check out your open house, and it can earn you a greater return. Since a heater makes your pool installation more appealing to a broader range of people, it can be helpful when you’re trying to sell.

    Spend More Time with Family

    There are few better ways to spend time with your family than splashing around in the pool. Since a heater can keep your pool open longer, you will have more opportunities to spend time with your family in a fun and engaging way. Consider a family game of pool volleyball or Marco Polo.