• Waterfalls: The Feature You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your New Pool

    Your new swimming pool should be your own private sanctuary. It’s where you’ll go to relax and ignore the rest of the world for a little while. So why not take it a step further by adding a feature that epitomizes peace and tranquility? Waterfalls are a surprisingly affordable addition to any home swimming pool installation in Salt Lake City. Even if your in-ground pool has already been installed, you can still get back in touch with the pool contractor to inquire about adding a waterfall.

    Meditative SoundsWaterfall features installation service in Salt Lake City, UT
    The pleasant sounds of babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls are frequently the stars of musical arrangements intended for meditation. Even if you aren’t interested in meditating, there’s no question that the soothing sounds of your own private waterfall at your swimming pool can help you unwind from the stress of daily life.

    Visual Aesthetics

    Your poolside waterfall can be custom designed and built to your exact preferences. It can be as simple or complex as you wish. Some families love the clean lines of sleek, modern design, while others prefer the natural look of rough-hewn stone. If you plan to construct a tall, expansive waterfall of natural stone, you could have the water directed to flow gracefully off multiple levels.

    Leisurely Recreation

    Any child who loves to swim will enjoy ducking through a beautiful waterfall—after all, a backyard waterfall far surpasses running through a sprinkler in the backyard. Plus, any pool party your child decides to host will be sure to be a success.

    Natural Filtration

    Waterfalls are the height of poolside luxury, but they also offer practical benefits. They churn the water continuously, which supports the pool’s filtration system. A waterfall is also an algae deterrent, as algae is more apt to accumulate in still water.

    Installation Enhancements

    Your poolside waterfall can be as unique as your own sense of style. Consider adding some enhancements to it, as well. If you’ve chosen natural stone for your waterfall, you might add a small stone staircase at one side of the waterfall to provide access to a slide on the other side. Add some dwarf shrubs for greenery, or consider adding a fire feature nearby.

  • Are You Backwashing Your Sand Filter Properly?

    Swimming pool companies in Salt Lake City recommend backwashing the sand filter about every week, or more frequently if your pool gets a great deal of use. Ideally, you should do this pool maintenance task right after you vacuum your pool. Watch this quick video for a demonstration of the proper way to backwash a sand filter.

    This pool maintenance expert directs viewers to turn off the sand filter, and then affix the backwash hose to the backwash nozzle. Screw on a hose clamp, and adjust the multiport valve from the filter setting to the backwash setting. It should run for about a minute. Then, you’ll adjust the setting to rinse, and finally turn the setting to filter. Once you’ve completed these steps, your lap pool is ready for use again.

  • Cloudy Pool Water 101: What Causes It and What to Do About It

    After the pool contractor in Salt Lake City finishes the job and heads home, it’s your responsibility to maintain your water. Cloudy water takes away from the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor or indoor swimming pool, and it usually shows up because of unbalanced levels or neglected maintenance. Aside from checking your levels and maintaining your pool, you can look into a pool clarifier to brighten up your water. Here’s a look at what causes cloudy pool water and what you can do to get rid of it.

    Unbalanced Levels Causes & Tips to Avoid Cloudy Pool Water
    Anyone who has maintained a pool for at least summer has seen the effects that different balances in chemicals can have on the water. When maintaining your pool, check levels like the pH of the water, alkalinity, and water hardness. There are different levels of cloudiness, and the more chemically imbalanced your water is, the more clouding is likely to occur. This type of problem could be specifically due to low chlorine levels. If you feel like you’ve been keeping your water balanced but you still notice that it’s cloudy, talk to your pool contractor to see if you need new chemicals.

    Lack of Maintenance

    Your filter is responsible for taking in water and removing the contaminants, and then returning the cleaned water back into the pool. If you don’t practice proper pool maintenance and take care of your filter, you might end up with cloudy water. Skim the water yourself to remove insects, leaves, and animal droppings. These factors can cloud up your water, but getting rid of the contaminants quickly can make pool maintenance easier. Don’t forget to maintain your filter, as that is one of your only other lines of defense.

    Pool Clarifiers

    If you’ve been doing everything right but you still have cloudy water, try a clarifier. A pool clarifier forces small particles and contaminants to stick together, which makes it easier for the filter to get rid of them. Use a clarifier to clump these particles together so you can enjoy clearer and cleaner pool water.

  • Checking the Chemical Balance of Your Hot Tub

    After scheduling your hot tub installation near Salt Lake City, you can look forward to countless relaxing hours with your new investment. Keep it in like-new condition by checking the chemical balance regularly . If you use chlorine or bromine, you should test the water every two days. If you use a non-chemical cleaning system, like ozone, you should test the water every week. You can also have a pool contractor perform a professional analysis every month. Pool contractors can use tests that are far more advanced than the test strips you use.

    Use a clean plastic or glass container to collect water samples, and don’t use this container for any other purpose, as this will affect the results. Holding the container, reach out as far to the middle of the hot tub as you can. Submerge the container as deep as it will go when the water level is at about your elbow. To check the sample, follow the instructions on your test strips or liquid test kit. If you’re taking the sample to a swimming pool company for testing, secure the lid tightly and take it over right away. If the test is delayed or the sample is allowed to sit in a hot car, the results can be inaccurate.

    Checking Hot Tub Chemical Balance in Salt Lake City, UT

  • Cleaning Your Pool After a Rainy Day

    An in-ground pool at your home in Salt Lake City gives you amazing opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and family fun, but swimming pool maintenance is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work to keep your pool in good condition. After a heavy rainstorm, you might have dozens of pool-related tasks to deal with. Make things easier on yourself by scheduling professional pool maintenance services.

    Watch this featured video to see how your swimming pool company will clean your pool after a rainstorm. The rain might have brought down lots of leaves that need to be skimmed. Dirt can settle into the bottom of the pool, the chlorine can zero out, and the pH level will likely be undesirable. The contractor will add the necessary chemicals, clean out the filters, drain excess water, and empty the skimmer basket to get the water sparkling again.

  • Top Reasons You Need a Swimming Pool Cover

    Maintenance is essential if you want to keep your swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City in top shape, but what do you do about the offseason? Big and small pools can both benefit from a pool cover, which can lower maintenance requirements and keep your family and pets safe during the colder months. A pool cover can even help maintain the amount of water in your pool, which protects the environment and saves you some hassle when you open your pool again during the summer. Here is a closer look at the top reasons you need a swimming pool cover. Pool Cover Needs in Salt Lake City, UT

    Cut Down on Maintenance Needs

    Swimming pool maintenance tends to be a simple enough process, but why not make it even easier? It’s one thing to skim your pool during the summer, but it’s probably not something you’d want to be doing during the winter. When you use a pool cover, you won’t have to worry about removing bugs, leaves, or other debris from the water. This means your list of chores will be one bullet point shorter when the weather gets colder. If you don’t want to skim your pool all year long, consider using a pool cover to shield the water.

    Protect Your Family

    Just because the weather cooled down, it doesn’t mean your pool will automatically freeze over. You might stop paying so much attention to your pool area when you’re not using it, but your kids and pets might have a different idea. Although all pool areas should be enclosed or protected in some way, kids and pets tend to make their way into the prohibited zone regardless. A pool cover helps to keep your family safe. Even if your kids or pets do make it into the pool area, the cover will prevent them from falling in.

    Preserve Your Water

    If you don’t want to have to deal with completely refilling your pool when the summer rolls back around again, a pool cover can help. It will prevent your water from becoming contaminated, and it will also retain water that might otherwise evaporate on warmer days.

  • Advice for Dealing with Algae in Your Pool

    Algae might build up over time, but regular pool maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you keep it under control . Whether you have a big or small pool, or an indoor or outdoor pool, you should be sure to keep your water free of algae. Watch this video for advice for dealing with algae in your pool.

    You want clean water in your pool, so you should take care of an algae problem when you notice it. Start by knocking the algae off your ladder, steps, and walls and into the water with a brush. Then, when you shock your pool, you’ll have a better chance of taking care of the algae. Test the water and balance your levels as needed, and then consider how green your pool is. The amount of algae and the size of your pool will tell you how much you need to shock.

  • Reasons to Call a Professional Pool Service

    While a new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City can make a huge impact on your space, some people forget to consider the maintenance it takes to keep an in-ground pool up and running. If you don’t think you’ll be able to adequately maintain your pool, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. If you work with professionals, you can expect to enjoy your pool as frequently as you would like during the warmer months. Continue and learn about some of the reasons you should call a professional pool service.

    If you’re unsure of whether you’ll be able to maintain your pool on your own, it helps to work with the experts. Your swimming pool professionals will make sure your chemicals are balanced, troubleshoot your filter, and help keep your pool nice and clean. What’s even better is that the specialists can offer more than just maintenance. They can also diagnose problems with your pool, your equipment, and your water. Whether your water is cloudy, your pump is making abnormal sounds, or dirt is building up on your liner, call your professional pool service to take care of the problem.

    Professional Pool Servicing in Salt Lake City, UT

  • Troubleshooting Problems with Your Swimming Pool

    If you can’t wait to dive into your backyard swimming pool for the first time this summer, the last thing that you will want to discover is that your pool is having unexpected maintenance problems. A pool contractor who offers swimming pool maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you get to the bottom of what is causing problems in your outdoor or indoor swimming pool. Here are some tips that will help you troubleshoot problems with your swimming pool.

    Algae Growth Troubleshooting Swimming Pool Problems in Salt Lake City

    Algae growth can be a common problem when you open up your pool for the first time during the summer season. To pinpoint the cause of your algae growth, you can look at its color and typical growth pattern. Green algae is typically caused by an improper balance of chemicals in your pool water. If your algae growth is black or yellowish in color, the problem may be the result of a bad circulation flow in your pool pump.

    Water Discoloration

    Along with algae growth, there are a few other common causes of water discoloration in your swimming pool. If your pool water looks milky or cloudy, your pool may be experiencing a buildup of copper or other types of minerals. Typically, water discoloration can be cleared up by fixing or replacing the pool filter and by correcting the chemical balance in your pool water.

    Surface Damage

    Along with looking for signs of problems in your swimming pool water, you should check the surface of your pool for signs of damage. Surface damage can appear as etches, cracks, or wrinkles in your swimming pool tile or liner. When chemicals have been added incorrectly, the surface of your swimming pool materials may become bleached or otherwise discolored. In order to correct damage to the surface of your swimming pool, you will typically need to consult with your swimming pool contractor to schedule professional maintenance procedures.

  • Enjoying the Perks of Pool Ownership

    There are many reasons to consider a swimming pool installation for your backyard. In this video, you will take a peek at some of the terrific perks of owning an outdoor or indoor swimming pool. With services from a pool contractor in Salt Lake City, you can ensure that your pool area is properly maintained. By cleaning and caring for your pool, you can ensure that it is a safe space that allows for many terrific memories.

    For additional information about swimming pool maintenance, do not hesitate to get in touch with a team of experienced pool installers. From routine maintenance procedures to pool renovations, your contractor will be able to help you create and maintain the pool of your dreams.