A Seasonal Guide to Pool Maintenance

Once you have invested in a swimming pool installation, you will need to become familiar with the requirements for seasonal pool maintenance in Salt Lake City. Without regular swimming pool maintenance, your in-ground pool or saltwater pool may become unsafe to use. Here is a seasonal guide to pool maintenance that will help you schedule swimming pool services with your swimming pool company. Guide to Pool Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Year-Round Swimming Pool Maintenance

In order to keep your in-ground pool clean and healthy, you must perform regular, routine swimming pool maintenance throughout the year. You should skim the surface of your in-ground pool every few days to remove bugs, leaves, and debris. Clean out strainer baskets and filters and vacuum your pool once a week. You should also brush the walls and pool tile with a soft brush to minimize calcium deposits and algae buildup. You must check the water level of your in-ground pool regularly, and test and maintain the levels of pool chemicals. You should also inspect and maintain your pool heater.

Spring and Summer Pool Maintenance

As the weather becomes warmer in the spring, you will want to open your in-ground pool for use. If you use a winter pool cover, you will need to drain it with a submersible pump and remove it from the in-ground pool. Use a hose to raise the pool’s water level, and then reconnect your pool’s heater, filter, and pump. Clear antifreeze from the drain lines, and remove winterizing plugs from the skimmer. Turn pool equipment back on, and test your pool water’s chemistry. Add chemicals as needed, and continue pool maintenance throughout the summer to prevent algae growth, calcification, and unsanitary water.

Fall and Winter Pool Maintenance

Because most people use their in-ground pools and saltwater pools less frequently in the fall, you will only need to test chemical levels about once a week. When it is time to close your pool for the fall or winter, you must properly winterize and chemically treat the pool before placing the winter pool cover on. A swimming pool maintenance company can assist you in winterizing and closing your in-ground pool.