Making Your Pool Safe for Diving

These days, many pool owners have decided to eliminate the diving board entirely. This is primarily due to safety concerns, although some people choose to avoid diving boards for aesthetic reasons. Diving can still be a thrilling part of the home pool experience, however, as long as you inform the swimming pool builder in Salt Lake City that you intend to use it for this purpose. Your pool contractor will discuss applicable safety codes with you to ensure your pool meets the safety standards.

Pool Length and WidthSafe Diving Tips by Deep Blue Pool and Spas

A pool will only be safe to dive in if it meets the minimum length and width standards. The American National Standard for Residential In-Ground Swimming Pools requires that all home pools with a diving board be at least 16 feet wide and 32 feet long.

Pool Depth

Depth is a crucial consideration for diving pools. At the deep end where the diving board will be installed, the pool must have a hopper that is at least eight feet deep. The hopper is the deepest part of the pool. However, competitive divers should ideally have a deeper pool for safety. Your pool contractor will let you know what the maximum depth available is.

Wall Slopes

Slope is another significant safety consideration. The code for residential pools prohibits wall slopes greater than a 1:5 slope ratio to a transition point. This transition point shouldn’t be any less than two feet, nine inches beneath the waterline.

Diving Boards

The diving board you select depends in part on the type of pool you have. If you have a saltwater pool, you’ll need a diving board that is capable of resisting rust. It’s possible to have a board as long as 10 feet if your pool is large and deep enough, but generally, only competitive divers would select a board this long. Most pool owners install a six-foot or eight-foot diving board, depending on the size of the pool.

Safety Rules

Your swimming pool builders can make your diving pool as safe as possible, but a good design and solid construction don’t override the need for consistently enforced safety rules. Divers should only jump off the end of the board, not the side, and no horseplay should be tolerated on or near the diving equipment. Children should have adult supervision at all times, and no one should swim or dive without a buddy present.