Keeping Kids Safe Around Your Hot Tub

Just as you should remain vigilant to kids being around your pool, you should enforce the same rules around a hot tub installation near Salt Lake City . Safety rules around swimming pools and hot tubs are necessary to keep all kids and swimmers safe while still having fun. Let’s take a closer look at which rules should be enforced around your pool and hot tub installations.

To keep your kids, pets, and other people safe around your pool and hot tub, install a security fence around the area. Most cities require some sort of fence or border around hot tubs and pools. These can prevent young children from wandering into a hot tub unsupervised. You can also install various monitors—such as a fence monitor or a water motion sensor—which will inform you every time someone goes in or out of the hot tub. If you have a pool slide, usually complete with a ladder, make sure your kids and their friends are big enough to climb it safely and will not fall off. These are some simple ways to keep kids safe around your pool and hot tub.

Pool and Tub Safety Tips for Kids by Deep Blue Pool and Spas