When to Cover Your Pool or Spa

Pool covers are designed to protect pools when they are not actively in use. After you complete your swimming pool installation near Salt Lake City, your pool contractor may recommend that you purchase and use a cover for your new pool. By getting in the habit of covering your pool when you are not using it, you can prevent the need for extensive swimming pool services or repairs in the future.

There are a few instances when you will definitely want to cover your swimming pool. Your pool cover should be used during the winter season if you decide to not drain your pool. By covering up your pool over the winter months, you can prevent damage to your swimming pool filter and heater. Your pool cover will also keep leaves and debris out of your pool area. If you are a parent of young children, you should also cover up your pool to prevent your kids from accidentally falling into the pool if they are unattended.

Pool Cover Requirement in Salt Lake City, UT