Checking the Chemical Balance of Your Hot Tub

After scheduling your hot tub installation near Salt Lake City, you can look forward to countless relaxing hours with your new investment. Keep it in like-new condition by checking the chemical balance regularly . If you use chlorine or bromine, you should test the water every two days. If you use a non-chemical cleaning system, like ozone, you should test the water every week. You can also have a pool contractor perform a professional analysis every month. Pool contractors can use tests that are far more advanced than the test strips you use.

Use a clean plastic or glass container to collect water samples, and don’t use this container for any other purpose, as this will affect the results. Holding the container, reach out as far to the middle of the hot tub as you can. Submerge the container as deep as it will go when the water level is at about your elbow. To check the sample, follow the instructions on your test strips or liquid test kit. If you’re taking the sample to a swimming pool company for testing, secure the lid tightly and take it over right away. If the test is delayed or the sample is allowed to sit in a hot car, the results can be inaccurate.

Checking Hot Tub Chemical Balance in Salt Lake City, UT