Is Your Pool Ready for Winter?

Swimming Pool during Winter Season

A new swimming pool installation serving Salt Lake City may change the way you enjoy your summers. What you might not have thought about is how you can get it ready for the winter. You can start by taking out floats, toys, and any minor water features that might be floating around, and then you can focus on the smaller debris and contaminants that have found their way into the pool. Don’t choose a pool cover just because it’s on sale, because a low-quality cover might not do a great job of protecting your investment throughout the offseason. Read ahead and find out if your pool is ready for winter.

Take Everything Out Is Your Pool Ready for Winter?

By the end of the summer, you might have accumulated a hefty inventory of pool toys. Before you can shut your pool down for the winter, you need to get everything out of the water. This means all pool noodles, floats, volleyball nets, and floating filters need to come out. Take out removable ladders as well, and give the pool a good sweep for any stray diving toys that might have been left behind. You should not have anything but water in your pool when you fully close it for the season.

Clean the Water

Since you shouldn’t have anything in your water by the time you put the lid on the pool, all the bugs, leaves, and debris should be gone too. Skim and vacuum your pool until the water looks clearer, and then focus your attention the chemical balance. The pH level, alkalinity, and calcium hardness all need to be in balance for your pool to make it through the winter. Clean the walls and floor of your pool, and empty out filters and pumps that may still contain water and debris.

Cover It Up

Once you have properly tended to your pool, the final step in winterization is closing it. Find a sturdy, dependable pool cover that’s strong enough to support the weight of a child or animal in case any accidents happen. In this case, the right cover can save lives.