Essential Steps in Caring for Your Solid Pool Cover

Steps for Solid Pool Cover

After your pool installation in Salt Lake City, using your pool cover the right way will protect your investment. As you need regular swimming pool maintenance , your cover will also need some special attention now and then to ensure that it stays in good condition and protects your pool properly. If you have a sold pool cover, follow these steps to care for it.

Spot Check Your Water Line Pool Cover by Deep Blue Pools and Spas

Your water line is important to more than your skimming system. If there is heavy debris on the surface of your solid cover, such as snow, water from heavy rains, or limbs, and the water line is so low that it doesn’t support your cover from underneath, then your pool cover can become damaged or wear out sooner than it otherwise would. When your pool is not in use for long periods of time, periodically perform water level checks to prevent excessive stain on your pool cover.

Prevent Chemical Damage

The chemicals you put in your pool to keep the water clean and balanced could cause damage to your pool cover. When you add chemicals, avoid putting the cover on for at least two hours. This will allow the chemicals to dissolve in the water and the levels to balance out. If you put your pool cover on right after treating your water, the chemicals could still be sitting on the surface of the water and damage the pool cover.

Clean Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover should be cleaned about once every three to six months. Use mild dish soap and a hose to wet the surface, and then scrub it with a pool brush. Rinse the soap off and use a cover pump on the liner to get rid any water that accumulates. If you notice any mold growth, wash the affected area with diluted bleach, being sure to rinse it off completely. You can reduce the chances of mold growth by making sure your cover is dry before storing it.